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Your journey to healthy, gorgeous hair.

Most of us follow a skincare regimen to give our skin a youthful glow and ward off those dreaded wrinkles. And many of us have some sort of workout regimen that keeps our body in shape. So why are we not taking care of our hair this same way?

Just as your skin and body require water and food to survive, your hair needs moisture and nutrients to be healthy and beautiful. We searched the world over for the healthiest, most luxurious, naturally derived treatments, infused with phytoceuticals and antioxidant rich ingredients sourced from family farms throughout Italy. No matter your hair type or scalp condition, we have the right treatment solution. We’ll customize an in-house, professional treatment especially for you, taking you on a journey to healthier hair than you ever imagined. Treatments may be stand-alone services or combined with a Signature Shampoo, Blow Dry & Style.

prescriptive and deep
conditioning treatment

Sustainably developed and filled with phytoceuticals, our prescriptive and deep conditioning treatments are customizable for your specific hair and scalp issues. Add quick softness and shine to depleted hair, without weighing it down.


no inhibition

Naturally derived, formaldehyde-free, keratin smoothing treatment for long lasting hydration, softness and shine. Reduces frizz up to 100 percent, relaxes curl up to 30 percent, and reduces blow dry time by 30 percent.


finest gloss pigment

Naturally derived, scientifically proven shine gel to add immediate, noticeable gloss and softness. Conditioning agents include cellulose, rice bran and rose oil.


super-active booster

A quick pick-me-up to renew and refresh tired tresses. Features hyperactive, concentrated phytoceuticals for extraordinary results for all hair types.