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your journey to healthy, gorgeous hair


Most of us follow a skincare regimen to give our skin a youthful, beautiful glow and to ward off those dreaded wrinkles. And many of us have some sort of workout regimen that keeps our body healthy. So why are we not taking care of our hair the same way?

Ten Friends offers in-house and daily home care regimens with antioxidant rich healing properties that are clinically-proven to remedy any hair issue. Working together, our professional stylists will create a haircare cocktail that best fits YOU.


Oily hair is like oily skin, often due to the habits we keep and our environment. The NaturalTech Rebalancing regimen consists of a shampoo treatment that normalizes sebum production, keeping the scalp clean. These products are made with lemon phytocueticals and burnet and cinnamon extract.


As we age, our hair becomes finer as our follicles shrink, we lose pigmentation, and our scalp changes, which leads to flakiness, dullness and hair loss. The NaturalTech Renewing Treatment combats free radicals, providing intense anti-inflammatory and preserving qualities for hair and scalp. These products are made with maqui berry, spinach, and carnisone.


Thinning hair affects both women and men. Treatment starts at the scalp, not via a capsule taken through the mouth. The NaturalTech Energizing regimen treats seasonal hair loss or hair loss related to hormonal changes. It consists of a shampoo, gel, lotion and a superactive booster that stimulates skin microcirculation. These products are made with caffeine phytoceuticals.


Brittle, coarse and dry hair comes from overstyling and environmental factors. The NaturalTech Detoxifying regimen includes a daily shampoo that transforms dry hair into luxuriously soft, silky strands through ethically-made remedies immersed with natural ingredients such as artichoke phytoceuticals.


Sensitive scalp comes from skin inflammation and can cause uncomfortable itching and embarrassing flaking. The NaturalTech Calming regimen includes a daily shampoo that provides immediate, soothing relief and long lasting results. These products are made with blueberries, which pack high anti-inflammatory power, and lavender, to soothe your skin and your soul.


Help heal your hair from the inside out with our nourishing, revitalizing and fortifying products tarted to repair brittle and damaged hair. But the NaturalTech Nourishing regimen doesn’t stop there. It also focuses on the well being of the scalp with products rich in vitamins and essential amino acids. Rich in grape phytoceuticals, these products provide strong antioxidant power.

well being

For use between prescriptive treatments, this family of moisturizing and protective products work well with all hair types. Filled with Echinacea phytoceuticals, the NaturalTech Well-Being regimen offer a high level of Vitamin C for strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


Dry and dehydrated hair, like a dehydrated body, loses its ability to properly function. The NaturalTech Replumping regimen moisturizes the hair shaft to restore health and shine. Sustainable ingredients include plum phytochemicals and Hyaluronic Acid, naturally derived from sugar molecules which attract water and plump fine hair, and fill in gaps and create elasticity in coarse hair.